Hni Option

Hni Option

HNI Options enables you to trade in Option Call & Put contract with an intraday perspective & you can square off their position with maximum profit on the same day. These calls are fully based on technical analysis with strict stop loss.

In this service we provide 30 to 35 Stock& Index Option calls per Quarter (3 Months) in NSE with a high level of accuracy. HNI service is a highly personalized service with a one-to-one contact with the client. HNI option trading tips are filtered after a lot of efforts put by the team of experienced analysts.

Specialized Features:

We Provide you around 30 to 35 Calls Per Quarter(3 Months)
Timely Follow Ups of all the calls.
All Important Market related News & Information.
Domestic & World Market overview.
A Daily Newsletter and a detailed Weekly Report Will Be Provided.
Calls are provided through SMS and chat room.

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