Bullion Pack

Bullion Pack

Bullion Pack is a product created for those commodity traders who prefer to trade in precious metal only, we provide traders with the best tips by keeping eye on the global market and domestic market you can avail via SMS and Chat Room also.

Gold and Silver have always been the favorites of Indian traditional Investors. This Service is dedicated especially to such Bullion traders and investors.

Bullion Intraday Tips Covers Gold, Silver Segment. Where the Calls Will be generated through Technical Analysis keeping eye on international market as Well data like International data, LME data etc, for Preparing the most accurate Recommendation in the market.


Proper targets & stop loss will be given in each call.
Support : 24*7
Accuracy : 80-85%
Daily : 1-2 calls daily
Follow Ups : Yes
Minimum Investment-60,000 for offline Traders
Minimum Investment- 1-1.5lacs for online Traders


Calls will be given on SMS
India: All GSM & CDMA networks covered.
Globe: Around 650 Worldwide networks covered.


  • MCX BUY GOLD AT 27210 TGT – 27350 SL- 27100 CMP 27190
  • MCX BUY SILVER 36000 TGT 36720 SL – 35600 CMP 35975

for 1 Month

for 3 Month

for 6 Month

for 12 Month